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Text compare tips

This online tool lets you easily compare text files. You can do this by copying content of the file no.1 to box named Old document, and file no.2 into box named New document. You can copy text quickly by pressing ctrl+a, and after ctrl+c. Soon we will release new version which let you drop whole files without copying content.

With diff online you can compare any text files. If you see any fields for improvements in our diff tool, just let us know.

Our online diff is great tool for programmers. You can do a code compare for any language. If you are a developer and you have any idea for new features just let us know.

If you want to compare two word documents you are in the right place. Just copy paste two word documents to main fields. It won't be perfect, because you will loose your document style and formatting, but at least you will see the difference.

If you want to compare two files, you need to open them in notepad, and then copy the content to the fields Old document and New document. Then you only need to hit the button.

How to do a file diff? If you want to compare text files, you need to open them in notepad and copy the content by pressing ctrl+a, and then ctrl+c. After you have to paste them into main fields on our diff tool and hit the button. For other types of files you will have to check if you can copy their text representation, most of them can be opened in notepad.

Compare two text files with diff online is ultra easy. You just need to copy past content of those files to the New and Old document box on the main page, then click the button and wait for results. We are going to simplify this process soon by adding file drop boxes which let you do this even easier. Compare text with us :)

How to compare word documents with this diff online tool? It is very easy, you just need to copy word documents into two boxes on the main page and click the button. It will look different, because you will loose your formatting, but at least you will know where is the difference.

How to compare folders with online diff? Uhhh sorry, you can't do this.... yet. We will try to improve.

Can I use this online diff tool for free? Yes you can but don't forget to like it on facebook or other social networks.

Is online text compare legal? Keep calm, you have other things to worry :)